Focaccia Bread

This is my baseline recipe for Focaccia bread. I often experiment with different flour mix and topping. One of my favorite variation is to cook this more like a Barbari, i.e., oval shaped and topped with nigella seeds.

Baker’s percentage

Ingredient Percentage
Flour 100%
Water 70%
Yeast 0.7%
Salt 2.4%
Honey 1.7%


This is the Ingredients for dough for two breads. I often store one dough in fridge to bake mid-week.

Ingredient Percentage Notes
Flour 450g 400g unbleached white+ 50g whole wheat
Water 316g
Yeast 3.2g Or 10g of fresh/wet yeast
Salt 11g
Honey 8g


Day before:

Baking day:


Original Source: Helen Rennie’s Focaccia Masterclass on youtube